How much does it cost to book The Blunter Brothers?

Our fee is dependent on the size of the band, location of venue, timings and any extra services that you choose to make up your bespoke entertainments package. To get a quote, please fill out the enquiry form on this web site or call/email Dave and he will be happy to chat with you about your requirements.

How long are the band's live sets?

Time permitting; the band usually plays two sets of around one hour each. Encores may add ten to fifteen minutes. We are happy to be flexible on this format. We can also bring a DJ to play between the band performances or provide pre-recorded interval music.

Can we choose the songs for your live set lists?

The Blunter Brothers specialise in playing Classic Funk, Motown and Soul. We would provide a list of all the tunes we know and are happy for you to pick your favourites. We do learn ‘special requests’ but can only promise to perform them if they sound as good as the rest of the set, something we find out in rehearsal.

Can we provide an iPod with our own playlists and play through the band's speakers between live sets?

You certainly can. Equally, we are happy for you to send us a list of your favourite tracks and artistes (or definite ‘don’t plays’) and we can create the playlists for you.

We have a limited amount of space. Will you be able to fit in?

We can play on a sixpence if necessary! Ideally we would have a 6m (20ft) x 3.5m (12ft) area to set up in. If there are real space issues, Dave would suggest a site visit prior to you confirming the booking where you could discuss the options.

Can we come and see you live?

Yes indeed. The Blunter Brothers have a fan base of well over 1000 people on our emailing list and we regularly play ‘open to the public’ gigs. If you are planning your wedding reasonably far in advance, there will be opportunities for you to come and see us.

Would the line up at our Event be the same as the one we saw live?

Absolutely, unless under the rarest of circumstances. Unlike many of our competitors who call themselves ‘collectives’, the players in this band focus on performing as the Blunter Brothers. The players in the Blunter Brothers are committed to the band, available to rehearse and able to prioritise!
A collective can be a fancy way of saying that your players are good, but that they go with the highest payer on any given night! We don’t do that.

What happens if one of you is sick on the day?

We have been established in the Events entertainments Industry since 1989 and have contacts with many high quality and experienced musicians and singers. We regularly rehearse our set with ‘deps’ who would jump at the chance to join the band. Having played literally 1000’s of gigs, we have never let anybody down.

How long does the band take to set up?

Ideally, depending on access, we will take 90 minutes to set up completely. We can usually have background music playing within the hour. Space permitting, it’s good if the band can set up earlier in the day so that all is ready for the evening. If that’s not possible, we can set up after any meals and speeches. Dave would liaise with the venue’s events manager, the caterers and any other service providers prior to the day to ensure a smooth turn around.

Do we need to provide the band with food and drink?

Very often, the Band members will have travelled a long way to get to the Event and so to help them give you their best performance we would request the following:
Tea/Coffee/water for the technicians who arrive earlier to set up the PA & lighting systems.

For the band, at some point during the Event, preferably a hot meal, otherwise a selection of sandwiches and fruit with Tea/Coffee/Soft drinks would be great.

Also, a small pre-paid Band bar tab would be wonderful.

Your understanding in these matters is most appreciated. Please feel free to call Dave should you wish to discuss any of these requests.

The venue we have booked has a sound limiter, will this be a problem?

Truthfully, Sound limiters can be a real problem for live music, especially if not set up accurately. Between you and me, it’s best if you can develop a trusting relationship with the Venue’s Event manager and find a way around it. This is usually possible. Dave will be happy to assist in any way he can. He would probably suggest a site visit where everyone can voice their concerns and hopefully reach a compromise that all are happy with.